05 January, 2015

Rose Petal Paper

I was getting just a bit disappointed that with the time of year there were no flowers in bloom in my garden that I could use in my handmade paper. When I looked out of the window on Sunday morning I was in awe that one of my rose bushes had a few roses on it! Woooo!!! I rushed out in my pjs and plucked them!

Of course I set about making some petal paper. I have read that rose petals tend to bleed, so some of the colour has come out of the petals, but I think the overall effect looks okay. I only had enough petals to do a couple of sheets as I wanted to save some petals to try papercasting with it too.

I've pushed the pulp into a rubber mould and now I'm waiting for it to dry. I have no idea how long it will take to dry. I just hope it dries in time for me to use some of the papercasts on a birthday card for my Mum on Friday.

Fingers crossed all goes well!

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